West River Bulldogges

Healthy, Intelligent, Athletic & Protective Bulldogges

MAY 2021





           West River's SASHA 

       1/2 Olde English Bulldogge


       1/2 American Pitbull Terrier

The breeding between Maximus and Sasha will produce exceptional bulldogges.  They will be best suited for active families and experienced bulldog owners.   Max brings a lot of affection to this breeding and has a very nice even temperament.  He is an exceptional house dog with very good manners.   He throws a large head and broad shoulders into his puppies while still maintaining good overall health.  His offpring love people and are very good family dogs. 

Sasha is off of Garner's Santos and West River's Justice.  She is a high energy, incredibly intelligent dog.  She is one of the most affectionate dogs I own.  She is also the most physically capable dog on my yard.   She has very high prey drive and is determined to get the job done.  She brings athleticism, intelligence and a willingness to please her owner.   Her structure is perfect.  She is built very well.   

Expect puppies to be a variety of colors.  Puppies will be from 60 lbs. to 75 lbs. as adults.   I expect several colors out of this breeding.  I also expect these puppies to be built with exceptional structure and muscle tone.  These puppies should have a high desire to please their owners.  Both parents have natural protective instincts which should be passed on to these puppies.