West River Bulldogges

Healthy, Intelligent, Athletic & Protective Bulldogges






Mocha and Chuckles were bred mid September 2018.  Pups are expected to be born around the end of November 2018.  Both of these dogges have a lot of Gargoyle / Renanscence blood mixed with some old Hermes lines. 

I expect these pups to be very stocky and well built.  I expect them to be very athletic with good prey drive.  Mocha is a very good house dog.  Chuckles is very attentive and has a high desire to please his owner.  I expect to see different colors in this breeding.  Some brindles, browns and black tris.  These pups will be good house dogs that have average activity levels.






Justice produces very  capable bulldogs.  Her puppies are large with high activity levels.  These pups will be confident and extremely athletic.  Puppies from this litter will only be available to experienced bulldog owners.  They will have tons of prey drive and will only be placed in homes with active lifestyles.  Only a few select puppies will be available from this litter.