West River Bulldogges

Healthy, Intelligent, Athletic & Protective Bulldogges












Maximus and Raven were bred the first week in November 2019.
Puppies are due the middle of January 2020. 

Maximus is a confident Gargoyle/Renanscense bulldogge.  He is very solidly built.  He is confident and outgoing.  He loves
being around family and friends.  He loves giving high fives to trusted family.  He throws athleticism, bulk and sound and confident puppies.   His offspring are nice and square.  They have large heads and broad muscular shoulders.  He throws puppies that are a variety of colors.   His puppies have good ball and prey drive.  

Raven is the daughter of Chuckles and Justice.  She is a large athletic bulldogge.  She has a lot of prey drive and loves to play hard.  She is tall and confident.  She is a very dark brindle.  She has the natural athleticism of her mother and the natural protective instincts of her father.  She is 22" at the shoulder and weighs 80 lbs.  She combines strength, athleticism and confidence into one nice bulldogge.  She is affectionate with family and friends.   She breathes very well.  

This breeding is heavy with Maximus genes on both the top and bottom of the pedigree.   I expect to see confident large bulldogges with a high desire to play and please.  I expect to see pups with several colors; black, brindle, brown and white.  Bulldogges from this breeding will have average to high activity levels and will be on the larger spectrum of the breed standard, around 70 to 85 lbs. when mature.  Dogges will have large heads and big bodies.  They will be athletic and confident bulldogges.  





                 WEST RIVER'S 

We repeated the breeding between Max and Justice.  The first breeding produced some very high quality puppies and bulldogges.  Both Maximus and Justice are sturdy and powerful bulldogges.  Max is a people pleaser and an outstanding house dog.  He loves being with family and friends.  He throws broad shoulders, nice head pieces and stable and confident puppies.  

Justice is a very athletic and capable bulldogge.  She throws confidence and affection in her puppies.  She produces a high number of working class puppies with large heads and excellent square bodies.  She is a very determined and trainable female.  We expect to see a variety of colors with this pairing.  Browns, whites, brindles and black and white.  

These puppies will be on the larger side of the breed standard.  Females will be between 65 and 75 lbs.  Males will be between 70 and 85 lbs.   They should be between 18 and 20 inches tall.