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West River's Justice 

Justice is the most athletic female oldie I have ever owned. She is full of fast twitch muscle fibers. She is very light on her feet. She is very social and motivated by praise. She is also very protective of her owner and family. She has a great head piece. It is 22" and very large for a female.   

She has an exceptionally built body and structure. She is very in tuned with her owners and handler. She is motivated by praise and food. She is 75 lbs. and stands 18" tall.  

She is very obedient and does well with training. She is great with kids and loves being with family. She is confident and very observant and aware of her surroundings. She is very solidly built. She has very solid nerves and is very confident.


Justice's Sire:

Soldier Bulldog's Ruxin

Ruxin is a very athletic dogge. He is solidly built and full of character. He has a very big head and loves to be around his friends and family.  

Some of the well known bulldogs in Ruxin's pedigree are Pelto's Glory, Gargoyle's Monster, Gargoyle's Black Omen, Pelto's Chuck and Aztec's Purity. His pedigree is full of well structured dogges that are full of confidence and sound nerves. 

Justice's Dam:

Soldier Bulldog's Cinder Block

Cinder is one in a million bulldog that just seems to know what you want from her before you ask. She is very very smart and in tune with her handler / owner. She has that rare quality of wanting to please her owner all of the time. She thrives for attention and is very socially motivated. She is built like a block of cement - very very solid.  

Some of the well known bulldogs in her pedigree are Guardian's Grommit, Gargoyle's Golem, Gargoyle's Leah, Sentinel's Patches, Gargoyle's Diamond, Reda's Juice and Cooper's Big Bulah. Some of these dogs have excelled in weight pull and have produced very nice pulling bulldogs with excellent structure and sound temperaments.  

West River's Gitana


West River’s Gitana is off of West River’s Bosco and West River’s Marcie. She is a very outgoing and friendly bulldogge. She loves playing with family and friends. She is often very goofy. She plays fetch and often times had to do cartwheels and flips when she brings the ball back. She is smart and good with children. She has medium activity levels and has excellent protective instincts. She is light on her feet and athletic. She weighs 60 lbs. and is 19” tall.  

Her pedigree has Champion’s Maximus on both the top and bottom. She has several very well known Gargoyle/Renanscense bulldogs in her pedigree, including: Gargoyle’s Enoch, Gargoyle’s Avatar, Gargoyle’s Supernova, Pelto’s Glory, and Gargoyle’s Black Omen. Her pedigree also includes the world famous Greenly’s Adam Odo and Evolution’s Static.  

Gitana's Parents are West River's Bosco and West River's Marcie

West River's Bosco

West River’s Bosco is Gitana’s father. He is a very large and athletic bulldogge. He is very strong and powerful. He is off of Champion’s Maximus and West River’s Justice. He is very friendly and affectionate. His body is wide and thick. His head is very large at 25”. He weighs 80 lbs. and stands 19” tall. One of his favorite activities is playing with kids and going down the slide. He also enjoys jumping on the trampoline. He is a goof ball.  

West River's Marcie

West River’s Marcie is Gitana’s mother. She is off of West River’s Chuckles and West River’s Mocha. She is a large female with very protective instincts. She is ball crazy. She loves playing fetch and chasing anything that moves. She is a brown brindle with a wide and thick body. She weighs 75 lbs. and is 18” tall. She is on the higher energy spectrum but knows how to settle down while in the house. She is very confident and has excellent nerves. She is more of a serious bulldogge and is not afraid of anything.




Sue is off of Legend's Momoso and West River's Raven.  Legend's Momoso had the great Greenly's Adam Odo in his pedigree and so does West River's Raven, Sue's mother.  The desired bulldogge traits of loyalty, mental stability and a loving peronality are carried strong in Sue which has been passed down through the great Greenly's Adam Odo in her pedigree.  She is a very smart and intelligent bulldogge.  She loves to play keep away with other dogs and never loses.  She is 19" tall and weighs 65 lbs.  She is very athletic and quick on her feet.  She has a very affectionate personality and loves being around familiar people and family.  She has good protective instincts and enjoys playoing hard.  She breathes very well and tolerates 100 degree temperatures without problems.  She is an active bulldogge with an active mind.  She needs to be busy and enjoys games of fetch and time with a flirt pole.  She is a very clean dog and is well mannered in the house.  She produces intelligent, stocky and hardy bulldogges.  



Maggie is off of West River's Hank and Mimi.  She is a very affectionate and loving bulldogge.  She is very broad and built like her grandfather, Shoreline's Sully.  She has a very big head and broad body for a female.  She is a blue trindle in color and is 19" tall and weighs 80 lbs.  She breathes well and is pretty laid back.  She is motivated by food and enjoys eating whatever you want to give her.  She has some well known bulldogges in her pedigree.  Her grandparents on her father's side is West River's Justice and Shoreline's Sully.  Both grandparents define the Olde English Bulldogge breed.  I selected Maggie from her litter because I really liked Shoreline Sully's look and his well natured temperament.  Maggie is proving to be a very nice bulldogge with a very loving and affectionate temperament.  Pictured below are her well known grandparents, Shoreline's Sully and West River's Justice.  




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