West River Bulldogges

Healthy, Intelligent, Athletic & Protective Bulldogges


West River's Justice 

Justice is the most athletic female I have ever owned. She is full of fast twitch muscle fibers.  She is very light on her feet.  She is very social and motivated by praise.  She is also very protective of her owner and family.  She has a great head piece.  It is 22" and very large for a female.   

She has an exceptionally built body and structure.  She is very in tuned with her owners and handler.  She is motivated by praise and food.  She is 75 lbs. and stands 18" tall.  

She is very obedient and does well with training.  She is great with kids and loves being with family.  She is confident and very observant and aware of her surroundings.  She is very solidly built.  


Justice's Sire:
Soldier Bulldog's Ruxin

Ruxin is a very athletic dogge.  He is solidly built and full of character.  He has a very big head and loves to be around his friends and family.  

Some of the well known bulldogs in Ruxin's pedigree are Pelto's Glory, Gargoyle's Monster, Gargoyle's Black Omen, Pelto's Chuck and Aztec's Purity.  His pedigree is full of well structured dogges that are full of confidence and sound nerves. 

Justice's Dam:

Soldier Bulldog's Cinder Block

Cinder is one in a million bulldog that just seems to know what you want from her before you ask.  She is very very smart and in tune with her handler / owner.  She has that rare quality of wanting to please her owner all of the time.  She thrives for attention and is very socially motivated.  She is built like a block of cement - very very solid.  


Some of the well known bulldogs in her pedigree are Guardian's Grommit, Gargoyle's Golem, Gargoyle's Leah, Sentinel's Patches, Gargoyle's Diamond, Reda's Juice and Cooper's Big Bulah.  Some of these dogs have excelled in weight pull and have produced very nice pulling bulldogs with excellent structure and sound temperaments.  


West River's Mocha is a smaller Oldie.  She stands 16" at the shoulder and weighs 50 lbs.  She is very athletic and quick.  She has a very nice structure and very sweet and soft temperament.  She is a very good house dog and loves to play hard.  Her parents are Popeye D. Northstar and Soldier's Diamond.   Her pedigree is full of Gargoyle dogs on her mom's side and old school Hermes and Gargoyle on her dad's side.  Both of Mocha's parents are Black Tri's in color and extremely athletic.    



Some well known dogges in Popeye's pedigree inlcude: 

Oldenburg's Judge, Doublewide's Minister, Doublewide's Mongo the Destroyer, Doublewide's Shady Baby.

The dogges in Popeye's pedigree are short, stocky and thick.  They are very athletic with a very courageous temperament.  



The bulldogges in Diamond's pedigree are 100% Gargoyle blood.  Some of the well known dogges in Diamond's pedigree include:

Raging Bull's Azarius of Gargoyle, Gargoyle's Effigy, Gargoyle's Black Omen, Gargoyle's Supernova, Pelto's Glory, Gargoyle's Hugo Ultimus, Moh's Brody, Pelto's Lulu Maria.  Many of these dogges were excellent natural protectors and excelled in protection work.  Diamond's line include some of the most capable bulldogges in the Gargoyle / Renanscence bloodline.