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Sasha is out of Garner's Santos and

West River's Justice. She is very athletic

incredibly affectionate with family and is

super intelligent. She is a very high drive

bulldog that has an incredible desire to please

her owner and one of those dogs that just

cherishes every minute with family and friends.  

Height: 20"

Weight: 60 lbs.  

Sasha is very alert at all times. She

doesn't miss anything new or strange.

She gets her intensity from her father

Garner's Santos and her natural

protective instincts from her mother,

West River's Justice. She is 1/2 pitbull

and 1/2 OEB.  


Komatsu is off of Garner's Momo and West

River's Raven. Raven's father is Chuckles

and Raven's mother is Justice. Komatsu

is a very smart bulldog. She is the queen of

keep away. She has yet to lose a game of

keep away from all the other bulldogs I own.

She is still growing and developing. She

is 19" tall and weighs 65 lbs.  

Komatsu is high energy and always looking

to do something. She is one of those dogs

that is thinking all of the time. She is built

extremely well. She does well in the house.

She keeps her quarters clean.

She loves food and toys which makes

her easy to train.

She breathes very well and her structure is

exceptional. She is 1/2 pitbull and 1/2 OEB. 

Komatsu gets all the great attributes of her

father, Garner's Momo; athleticism, intelligence

and affection with the quality protective instincts

of her mother, West River's Raven. She also

inherited the desire to be clean from her mother

which I hope she passes on to her offspring.

This picture is her thinking about the conversation

I was having with her about going for a walk.  

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